for the past Europe Day on May 9 in the European Year of Youth 2022, the EUROPE DIRECT Magdeburg and Halle (Saxony-Anhalt – Germany) came up with something very special: "Europe-Ticket - Train by Train through the European Year of Youth"

After the long Corona period, we enable young people of Saxony-Anhalt (Germany)(18-27 years) to do what they could not do for so long: Travel through Europe, meet people and exchange ideas with them. The Europe-Ticket consists of an Interrail/Eurail ticket that allows them to travel to any of the 33 participating countries for seven days within one month. We have called on the travellers to visit at least one ED in one of their destination countries. This is where you come in! 

Maybe travellers have already contacted you or there will be requests from Saxony-Anhalt to visit your ED during the summertime. We would like to encourage you to invite our travellers to your institution where you can exchange ideas and talk about the topics of the European Year of Youth. Perhaps you can give them some good hints for your city or region. Maybe some of the EUROPE DIRECTs know young people and will organize a meeting for exchange. We think the young travellers will be happy about everything. And we do not know what will develop. In a unique way, this project enables young people to see, feel, smell and experience different countries. They share a piece of Germany with Europe and bring their new experiences, thoughts, and friendships back to our society. We need this exchange, the dynamism, and ideas of young people for the Europe of the future. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact ED Magdeburg or ED Halle. We are happy that you support the European youth with your contribution.

Best wishes and have a great summer